Use of Preposition and Common Combination and Preposition

Use of Preposition

 A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between two things. A preposition shows the relationship between a noun, pronoun, or another word in the sentence. It establishes the relationship between its object and another part of the sentence. Below is a list of most common preposition with the use of preposition and some sentence examples:


Use of Preposition


At Used to state the age at which somebody does something My friend got married at 26 
Used to show where somebody or something is You can see me at my office
Used to say when something happens (with noon, night, midnight, time of the day and celebration or special day)


We arrived at 9 o’clock yesterday.

My bus leave at noon.

We woke up at dawn.

Hani met an old friend at her brother’s wedding 

In the direction of or towards somebody or something He runs at me
Used to state the distance away from something Can you read a car number plate at fifty metres? 
Used to show the situation somebody or something is in The country is now at war
Used to show a rate, speed, etc The racer was driving at 315 mph 
Used after an adjective, expressing ability


My brother is good at drawing.

I’m no good at French.

Used after an adjective to show the cause of something He shocked at the news about earthquake
Used to show the number of house She lived at Jl. Kencana No 20 Bogor 
Used to say where somebody works or studies She is at Harvard (Harvard University)
In Used to showing movement into something That kid throws his toy in the fire accidently
Used to show time (during a period of time)

→ used with other parts of the day, week,  months, year, seasons and duration


I like to drink a glass of milk in the morning.

We are in the sixth week of this semester.

I will visit you in March.

I was born in 1995.

That park is very beautiful in summer.

He will finish the task in a week. 

At a point within an area or a space; surrounded by something


Students are reading a book in library right now.

There are many flowers in that field.

I will wait for you in the car. 

Used to show a name of city I was born in Tangerang
Used to show physical surroundings I don’t want to go out in the cold 
Used to show a state or condition My room is in a mess now
Used to represent somebody wearing something You can look up the woman in white (wearing a white dress) 
Used to show the language, material,etc I can speak English fluently 
Used when we mean “to hand (money, a cheque,etc) I will pay in cash
On In or into a position covering, touching or forming part of a surface A picture on the wall
Used to show time; a day or a date


The wedding is on Sunday.

Her birthday is on June 25th .

Used to show a state or condition He is on duty 
Used to show place or direction I see a glass on the table
Used to show manner I swear it on my word of honour
Used to show the reason for something On her advice I applied for the job 
Eating, drinking or taking something regularly He is on antibiotics
Used when giving telephone number You can get me on 081550558088
Used to show a means of transport He was on the bus from Semarang 
About Used when making a suggestion How about going for a walk?
Used when asking for information How about the money? Do you have enough money?
Used to describe the purpose of something Movies are all about making money these days
By At the side of somebody or something She lives in the house by the river.

My alarm clock is by my bed.

Used after a passive verb The thief was shot by the police
Used for showing how something is done You can switch it on by pressing this button
Used to show the result of something happens We finally met by chance
Used to show the degree or amount of something We bought them by the kilo
Used to show state or condition That girl is by herself (alone)
Not later than the time mentioned You must finish this work by tomorrow
Used to talk about a way of travelling I go to work by bus every morning.

He goes there by train .

Used to say “written by somebody” The book “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” was written by Mark Twain 
For Used to show the person who is intended to have or use something It’s a book for children
In order to help somebody or something What can I do for you?
Used to represent somebody or something; meaning The red is for danger
Used to show purpose or function It’s a machine for baking bread
Used to show a reason or cause We went to the city for sightseeing
Used with period of  time (duration) I’ve been here for an hour.

I’ve known him for three years.

Used to show quantity or measure I bought it for ten cents.

We drove for twenty miles.

Used to show where somebody or something is going Is that the bus for Chicago?
In order to obtain something You can call her number for more information
In exchange for something You can swap those bottles for this one
Used to say how difficult, necessary, pleasant, etc That box is too heavy for me to lift
From Used to say where somebody or something starts The train from Tangerang has arrived
Used to say when something starts He was blind from birth.

The movie showed from April until June.

Used to show who sent or gave something I have a letter from my brother
Used to show what the origin of somebody or something He comes from Singapore
Used to show the material that something is made of Cheese is made from milk 
Used to show the distance between two places The hotel is a mile from here
Used to show a change Things have gone from bad to worse
Used to show that somebody or something is separated or remove Take that cockroach from my foot!
Used to show that something is prevented They save a boy from drowning
Used to show the reason for something She felt sick from tiredness
Used when distinguishing between two people or things I can’t tell one twin from the other
Of Belonging to somebody; Relating to somebody I can see the love of my mother to me
Coming from a particular background or living in place The people of Wales
Used to say what somebody or something is, consists of, contains I want a glass of milk.

There is a crowd of people in front of the bookshop.

Used with measurements and expressions of time, age My mother told me to buy 2 kilos of eggs
Used to show the position of something or somebody in space or time You can meet me at a quarter of nine tonight (8:45 p.m.).

It was very dark inside of the house.

Used after nouns formed from verbs Fear of the dark

The arrival of the police

Used to give your opinion of somebody’s behaviour It was kind of you to offer 
To Moving toward a specific place We are moving to Bogor next week
Used to show the person that receives something I gave the letter to the postman
Used to show a comparison I prefer milk to tea
Used to show the period of time The bazaar starts from July to September



Common Combination and Preposition

it’s not easy to give specific rules for when to use each preposition – but most verbs have a preposition that usually goes together. Some verbs can go with multiple prepositions, and sometimes the preposition makes a difference in the meaning of the phrase.

Below is the list of common combination between verbs and prepositions. Each entry has an example sentence and any notes or explanations that could help you understand better:

Verbs + Preposition Combination



Account for Explain or provide a reason How do you account for the differences between the two financial reports?
Accuse of Say that somebody has done wrong Dodi accused Irwan of stealing money from his wallet
Adjust to Get used to a new situation After I got married, I had to adjust to life as a married woman.
Agree on Decide something My teacher and I agree on the importance of listening practice.
Agree to Be willing to do something My boss agreed to let me go home early
Agree with Have the same opinion with someone else I agree with you that money is the problem
Apply for Ask officially for something I applied for Accountancy job at this company
Approve of Feel or show that something is good or acceptable My parents approve of my plan to get married soon
Ask for Ask someone for something I asked my friend for a paper
Believe in Feel certain that something exists I don’t believe in ghost
Blame for Be responsible for something bad He blamed the other driver for the car accident
Complain about Say that you’re dissatisfied about something We complain about the food to the manager of restaurant
Count on Rely or depend on something I’m counting on you to help
Deal with Take appropriate action in a particular situation He has to deal with difficult customers in his job
Dedicate to Give a lot of your time, energy,etc to an activity I’d like to dedicate this performance to my mother, who has always helped and inspired me.
Depend on Rely on something You can depend on Riri not to be late
Dream about Imagine something that you would like to happen I dream about becoming an accountant someday


Insist on Demand something strongly I thought the company website was great, but my boss insisted on redesigning it.
Look forward to Happy or excited for something in the future. I’m looking forward to having dinner with you next week.
Succeed in Achieve what you’re trying to achieve She succeeded in running a marathon in under 4 hours.
Think about Consider doing something I’m thinking about taking guitar lessons.


Below is the list of common combination between adjectives and prepositions. Each entry has an example sentence and any notes or explanations that could help you understand better:

Adjective + Preposition Combination



Afraid of Scared of something My sister is afraid of the dark.
Angry about Angry about something The passengers grew angry about the delay
Amazed at Surprised somebody greatly I was amazed at her knowledge of French literature
Aware of Realizing something I’m well aware of the problem
Capable of Having the ability necessary for something You’re capable of producing better work than this
Concerned about Worrying something I’m concerned about her safety
Crazy about In love with someone He’s crazy about you
Excited about Excited about something The children were excited about opening their presents.
Familiar with Having a good knowledge of something Sorry, I’m not familiar with that computer program. I’ve only used it once.
Fond of Having a great liking for somebody or something I’m quite fond of peppermint tea. I drink it almost every day.
Responsible for Having to look after something or do something as a duty You are responsible for cleaning the bike today
Tired of Bored with something I’m tired of watching television
Interested in Showing interest in something I’m interested in Photography


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