Pronouns are substitute words forn nouns or noun phrases. The following are the types of pronouns

  1. Personal Pronoun ( Kata Ganti Orang )

Personal pronouns are those associated with a certain person, thing, or group; all except you have distinct forms that indicate singular or plural number




Example Object



1ST Person I I buy a book Me Rudi gives me a book
2nd Person You You buy a book You Rudi gives you a book
3rd Person He He buys a book Him Rudi gives him a book
She She buys a book Her Rudi gives her a book
It It eats a meat It Rudi gives it a meat


1ST Person We We buy some snacks Us Rudi gives us some snacks
2nd Person You You buy some snacks You Rudi gives you some snacks
3rd Person They They buy some snacks Them Rudi gives them some snacks


  1. Possessive Pronoun ( Kata Ganti Kepunyaan )

Possessive pronouns are those designating possession or ownership ( kata ganti yang dipakai untuk menyatakan kepunyaan seseorang )



Possessive Adjective

Example Possessive Pronoun



1ST Person My This is my book Mine He didn’t bring an umbrella. So, I lent him mine
2nd Person Your This is your book Yours This book is yours
3rd Person His This is his book His Those papers is his
Her This is her book Hers That lipstick is hers
Its This is its tail


1ST Person Our This is our classroom Ours This room is ours
2nd Person Your This is your classroom Yours This room is yours
3rd Person Their This is their classroom Theirs This room is theirs


  1. Reflexive Pronoun ( Kata Ganti Reflexive )

Reflexive Pronouns are those preceded by the adverb, adjective, pronoun, or noun to which they refer, and ending in –self or –selves  ( kata ganti diri sendiri )



Personal Pronoun

Reflexive Pronoun



1ST Person I Myself I write myself that letter
2nd Person You Yourself You yourself park the car in the garage
3rd Person He Himself He hurt himself with knife
She Herself Rita herself sends the books
It Itself His dog hurts itself


1ST Person We Ourselves We talked ourselves with the President
2nd Person You Yourselves You all yourselves will play the games
3rd Person They Themselves Rudi and Rita themselves paid all the bills






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